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 Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Vote_rcap Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Voting_bar Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Vote_rcap 
 Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Vote_rcap Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Voting_bar Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Vote_rcap 
 Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Vote_rcap Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Voting_bar Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Vote_rcap 
! Xyz Master !
 Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Vote_rcap Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Voting_bar Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Vote_rcap 
Phoenix Paladin
 Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Vote_rcap Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Voting_bar Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Vote_rcap 
 Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Vote_rcap Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Voting_bar Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Vote_rcap 
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  Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai

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PostSubject: Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai     Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai	 Icon_minitimeThu Feb 16, 2012 5:54 pm

The Tech Genus Strategy:

Talking about Tech Genus Decks is a little tricky, because there are
so many different ways to build them. Just looking at recent
Championship-level tournaments, we’ve seen pure Tech Genus builds;
Flamvell versions with Horn of the Phantom Beast; and other versions packing the familiar Lonefire Blossom, Dandylion, Spore, and Glow-Up Bulb.
We’ll focus on the Plant-suite version as it was the most successful
Tech Genus Deck at YCS Providence, and it’s the best at taking advantage
of the new T.G. Hyper Librarian.

Tech Genus Decks are all about defense and out-of-nowhere Synchro
Summoning. For the version with the Plant-suite, the Main Deck plays
four different Tech Genus monsters: T.G. Rush Rhino; T.G. Warwolf; T.G. Striker; and T.G. Cyber Magician.
All four of these monsters share an awesome effect: when they’re
destroyed on the field and sent to the Graveyard, each lets you get a
different “T.G.” monster from your Deck in the End Phase. That effect
makes Tech Genus monsters defensive powerhouses, and helps you put
together Synchro combos by letting you search out the monsters you
need. The Deck also plays Lonefire Blossom with Plant-Type Tuners, and Reborn Tengu. It runs a lot of familiar Synchro Monsters in the Extra Deck, but it also plays T.G. Hyper Librarian and T.G. Wonder Magician. The deck can Summon those Level 5 Synchro Monsters in a lot of different ways:

-Tune T.G. Striker and T.G. Warwolf together.

-Use T.G. Cyber Magician’s effect with an in-hand T.G. Rush Rhino.

-Pair Glow-Up Bulb with Reborn Tengu.

A Tech Genus Duelist is going to bide his time, playing defensively
and using his search effects to fend off the opponent. Then, the Deck
can use a flurry of Synchro combos and exclusive Spell and Trap cards to
devastate the opponent.

The Six Samurai Strategy:

The Six Samurai Deck is similar: it’s got a mix of control effects and big explosive plays. Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En embodies
both: it’s a heavy-hitting Synchro Monster with 2500 ATK, and its
effect can negate 1 opposing Spell or Trap card every turn. Getting Shi
En to the field as soon as possible is the Deck’s chief priority, and
matching it with Naturia Barkion makes the Samurai player almost invincible. The exclusive Counter Trap Musakani Magatama fends off destruction effects, while Double-Edged Sword Technique
can let the Samurai Duelist flood the field with attackers and make
extra Synchro Summons. The Samurai Deck is extremely fast, using cards
like Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki, Shien’s Dojo, and Asceticism of the Six Samurai to Synchro Summon on its first turn – sometimes more than once.

If You’re Playing Tech Genus:

If you’re the Tech Genus Duelist in this matchup, you need to play to
your strengths and take apart the Samurai Duelist piece by piece.
Samurai are usually faster and more aggressive than Tech Genus, and
therein lays their first weakness: the Samurai Duelist’s best chance to
beat you is to out-speed you, while your best chance to beat them
involves blocking their opening attacks and then firing back. Here are
the cards that’ll let you do that…

T.G. Rush Rhino is an incredible card: though it
starts with 1600 ATK, it jumps to 2000 ATK when it’s attacking. That’s
big enough to take down almost any Samurai monster. When the Samurai
Duelist attacks back to destroy your weakened 1600 ATK Rhino, it
replaces itself with another “T.G.” in the End Phase: they lose a
monster, while you don’t.

T.G. Striker is another top Tech
Genus, and often leads the charge when you go on the offensive. You can
Special Summon it any time you don’t control a monster and your
opponent controls at least one. Since Striker’s a Level 2 Tuner, you
can pair it with Rush Rhino or Reborn Tengu
to make a Level 6 Synchro. Or, you can use its Special Summon to
trigger Warwolf’s effect, and Special Summon that too, to unleash a
Level 5 Synchro like T.G. Wonder Magician or T.G. Hyper Librarian.
Your best turns will often involve a Striker / Warwolf combo, followed
by a Normal Summon that lets you make a second Synchro Monster.

In order to make sure cards like Solemn Warning don’t stop those big-damage turns, it’s really smart to run the Spell Card TGX1-HL. TGX1 is like Mystical Space Typhoon,
but you need to halve the ATK and DEF of 1 of your “T.G.” monsters to
activate it. That’s no problem if you immediately use that monster as a
Synchro Material. TGX1 is especially good in this matchup, because it
stops Continuous Spells like Six Samurai United, Gateway of the Six, and Shien’s Dojo.

Finally, your best weapon against Samurai is TG1-EM1.
This awesome Trap Card lets you trade a face-up “T.G.” monster for any 1
of your opponent’s monsters: you can use it to steal a Tuner and keep
your Samurai opponent from making his best moves, or – if you have
enough cards – you can steal those very Synchros to your side. Best
yet, your Tech Genus monster’s search effects work even if it’s
destroyed on your opponent’s side of the field. So you can give your
opponent a weaker Tech Genus monster; take their bigger attacker; and
then run over whatever you traded to get a free search in the process.

TG1-EM1 is clutch: it can keep the Samurai Duelist from setting up big commanding fields; rob them of the monster they need for Musakani Magatama; or even let you steal Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En.
To win this matchup, the Tech Genus Duelist will play a defensive early
game, making the Samurai Duelist waste effects like that of Hand of the Six Samurai on monsters that replace themselves. Then, TG1-EM1 and strong Synchro Summoning let the Tech Genus Deck dominate the mid-game.

If You’re Playing Samurai:

…Then you need to make sure not to play too aggressively. If you
push too hard and too fast, you could lose cards for no reason: you
can’t use Hand of the Six Samurai
to destroy any Set monsters, because any Set monster could be a Tech
Genus that replaces itself for free while you lose Hand. At the same
time, you need to be really careful with Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En or bigger Synchro Monsters: you can’t let the Tech Genus Duelist steal your best Synchros with TG1-EM1. Here are some key cards in this matchup:

Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En is always a key
card for any Six Samurai matchup: Summon it early, play it carefully,
and you can fend off some of the Tech Genus Duelist’s best plays. Just
make sure to stay focused on the threats that matter: if it doesn’t
threaten Shi En, you probably shouldn’t negate it with Shi En’s effect.
Hand of the Six Samurai won’t be very useful in this matchup, so if you don’t Main Deck Legendary Six Samurai – Enishi
yet, definitely Side Deck it. You can bounce away Tech Genus monsters
without triggering their effects, and it’ll keep your opponent from
making aggressive Synchro Summons. You really have to be careful with
how you play your early game: you have to be the aggressor, or else the
Tech Genus Duelist will just sit and build combos. At the same time
though, you can’t press too hard, because a single counter could
collapse your whole strategy.

A few cards will help you play more aggressively and overpower the opponent: Six Samurai United is one of them, getting you more cards. But Double-Edged Sword Technique may be the most important. If you can pull off a first-turn Synchro Summon and Set Double-Edged Sword Technique,
you can set yourself up for a big second turn that may just be too much
for the Tech Genus Duelist to withstand. Beware: the Tech Genus
Duelist is going to harass your back row with Mystical Space Typhoon and TGX1-HL just to stop this strategy. Dimensional Fissure
is another card you’ll want to Side Deck in against Tech Genus: if the
Tech Genus monsters can’t hit the Graveyard, they can’t trigger their
search effects. It’s a fight between your back row, and the Tech Genus
Duelist’s Spell and Trap removal.

Both of these Decks can hit big openings that could determine this
matchup: for Samurais, that means a lot of early Synchro Summons and big
aggression. For the Tech Genus Duelist, it means big defense and lots
of tricky, Chainable effects that eliminate back row cards and swipe key
monsters. It’s a tight matchup where the best Duelist is usually the
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Lesson 20:Tech Genus VS Six Samurai
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